Update to the new buyer requested cancellation experience


You only have to check out the Amazon developer profiles on Linkedin to see the standard of these people. Then this all makes sense.


This is a huge backwards step, nearly missed one today. Like others we use our own software and never look at the orders page, we relied on the buyer-seller messaging and built systems and processes for this. Now the messages are lumped in with the thousands of other system messages and we have to scroll through orders. The cancellation request isn’t even on the order when you view it.


Certainly not an upgrade. Certainly not worked on by anybody who has used the system. Crazy!!
Just a note … I am 99% sure that there is a fault in this system
When I printed and shipped my orders in the morning I noticed the ‘cancelled’ order so did not print the picking sheet or the shipping label…and I did not cancel it. Later that day I ran the second batch of orders and I am 99% sure the ‘cancelled’ order was not highlighted. I printed and marked the order as shipped and only by chance did I think ‘what happened to the cancelled order’ to be honest I may have just missed it but I am sure as I can be that it was not highlighted. Jeezz I hope I am wrong.


It didn’t pop up at all.

I basically pulled up my “manage orders” page and happened to notice a yellow background on one of the orders with a line saying the customer had requested a cancellation.

There was nothing on my home page, no messages, no emails, no notification whatsoever


Just to confirm the new order cancellation request mechanism, does not display a message on ship.amazon for those sellers using amazon’s own logistic service. - the yellow box only appears on sellers central screens.

And still conflicting information saying that a seller can cancel an order without it affecting metrics
(but this message appeared on a prime order which all SFP sellers know cannot be cancelled without dinking the metrics).

Not all the orders we send with amazon shipping are prime orders - (the same I am sure for many sellers) - so why does the cancel request not appear on all screens and only seller central?


further more - if a ‘cancelled requested’ order is despatched as we had to earlier. (we could not cancel the order as it was prime)

the order is still marked with the yellow flash on the ‘shipped’ screens of seller central.

and also to confirm - no markings or highlights etc on the shipped screens of amazon shipping.


had a reply from seller support (pasted below)

why did they not fix this issue with mis-communication to sfp sellers saying their metrics are safe.

and they expect sellers using amazon shipping screens to manually check each order in seller central in case an order has a cancellation request against it.

As per your correspondence, we understand that you have a concern with regards to your Seller Fulfilled Prime orders and cancellations.

(1) Order cancellation requests can only be notified from Seller Central, so please follow up with the Orders from your Seller Central.
(2) Yes, for Seller Fulfilled Prime orders, sellers are advised to not cancel the order even at the request of the customer. You may suggest the buyer to reach out to the Customer Service team for their Order and have them cancel it. If sellers cancel the Order for Prime, it will affect your Cancellation metric.


What a terrible process. This is 100% not an improvement. If you are a large volume seller and do not manually scroll through every single order, this can very easily be missed. We had our first one today and it is incredibly easy to miss.


Can see a lot of annoyed buyers with orders not being cancelled, and buyers blaming sellers for not cancelling, when it’s virtually impossible to see the requests now.


Whoever came up with this pearl of wisdom at Amazon is clearly not a seller. Very very silly and unnecessary but to be honest not entirely a surprise is it folks?..


Its 100% certain that this morning the system DID NOT show an order as cancelled I ahve picked and packed the order and it is ready for collection I now see an email in my email in box from Amazon telling me the buyer wants to cancel the order.No yellow warning in my orders to ship list.