World Options for EU FBA


I’m glad I gave people this option to continue PAN EU FBA, but I cannot recommend it.

Because of Amazon’s restock limits, {Moderator Edit (Jessica) profanity removed}

Between Jan-Mar we were unable to send stock into the EU. Our storage limits were based on this inaccurate figure. {Moderator Edit (Jessica) profanity removed}


It’s sad to see the positivity of your first post on this thread transform into such negativity - although totally understandable.


Sad day today, we’ve made the decision to give up on PAN EU. It’s too much of a lottery of getting the SAD documents. For one shipment we’ll get them OK and for the next we get some waffle about it being a low value shipment so they can’t supply them, despite the fact they both contained the same value of product.
The items we sell just can’t absorb the necessary price increase :frowning:
After nearly 8 months there doesn’t seem to be any progress on restarting the PCP for small shipments and we’re currently paying €400/month for VAT filings for only a few sales (as we’ve only sent a few test shipments in EU fulfilment centers).
We’ve asked VAT Global to quote for de-registering in 7 countries, no doubt they’ll want their final pound of flesh :frowning:


Today I got an email from the same person at Amazon asking why I hadn’t responded to the PSP offer (Pallet Shipping Program) email they sent me a week ago. Well I did respond and profanities were probably removed from that too. :smiling_imp:

Our total restock limit for the EU is less than a pallet. What are we supposed to do? Let everything sell out and then send 3/4 of a pallet?

It took me two months to find a solution for getting our goods back into PAN EU. When I finally got there I was so relieved. We send a few parcels in March. As confidence grew I started sending 12 consignments at a time. 432 products, all small packets, once a week. Slowly building stock back up and taking the pressure off MFN.

The restock limit is a constantly changing, evil entity.

We manufacture our own products. Last week we had 477 left on our restock limit so I went for it. We made the products, specifically for the EU market. Many are novelty products, in the German language so not suitable for UK sales. Then, as I went to prepare the shipments, our restock limits dropped again.

I had to abandon sending any more stock into PAN EU until the restock limits rose a few days later. So many items were out of stock in PAN EU, our MFN sales went bonkers right when IOSS kicked in and it took a while to know what codes to use in C&D.

This is not why I signed up for PAN EU and huge costs in money, time and effort.


I am wondering if I can take legal action against World Options for not supplying the SAD.

What are people’s thoughts?


It seems its UPS’s fault


I think you are right but my contract was with World Options.


UPS is the problem, not World Options. I’ve been getting weekly updates from my WO rep telling me he is still trying to get the docs. In the mean time, I’ve put up my prices to cover the VAT. So VAT on top of VAT for our EU FBA customers.


So to get to this point of sending single boxes in - what is the route? I have EU VAT’s and a DE EORI

On a side note - how will you complete your DE VAT return thats coming up in respect to the IOSS sales. If all the sales are within the scope of IOSS are those sales not included on the local return?


You VAT rep will know which items have already prepaid VAT so you won’t pay twice. I know we only pay VAT on FBA not MFN.

We send minimum 12 boxes at a time into France CDG7. This brings the price down to £16 a box. We later get charged around £40 for VAT and duty, adding around £4 per box. So about £20 per box in total. We have not been able to claim any of this back so have increased prices accordingly.

Important! You must only declare COST price of goods entering EU, not sell price.


What has been the issue with not being able to reclaim it? Surely - if it has been billed and paid then it can be added to the VAT reclaim line of the respective submission. The French form is pretty simple and easy to navigate. It would be helpful if you notice anything change on your next DE filing. - Do you look at the filing or just trust a firm to to do it for you?

So - could i just use DPD to do this or should I be using a freight forwarder?

I reckon a box would be approx £400 worth of stock so I would be wanting that VAT back.


You need to get SAD documents from the carrier. If you can’t get these, you cannot claim back import VAT.

Yes, we have been billed for it but these invoices are not enough. You need official SAD documents,


Retail or cost? …


Yeah its the cost of the goods.


What has been the issue with obtaining the SAD documents as you understand it. No will from the issuers or the middlemen?


Definition of cost price is interesting. Our product base price is 50p. We then decorate, embellish etc, which increases the cost price in a way. Do I include that? No. It’s labour, ink, etc. How do you quantify that? I put the cost price at 50p, which is the base cost price. This is what I was advised to do by my accountant.

Our products sell for around 10-16 euros.


UPS refusal or unable to supply them.


My products are more complex and I guess can be estimated by the weight of the material and then correlated against other manufacturers so I dont think I could get as low. I thought the document they completed to clear the goods was the SAD document? Surely they have it. Did you try any other shippers?

If this SAD document is unresolvable then perhaps routing via Ireland could work for me.


Having tried and failed to get SAD docs from UPS, I sent a shipment with DHL via World Options. But I’m having just the same problems. DHL replied to my email request saying they’ve forwarded it to another department and then radio silence.


I have given up with World Options. Every time I ask them they reply like seller support and say we have asked UPS for them.

It is a shame as their front end seemed good but they just can’t get the SAD documents which means I can’t use them.