World Options for EU FBA


You’re right, the system is good, the prices are good - but it’s all for nothing if we can’t get the SADs.

I’ve sent my last shipment through World Options now, unless the SADs start coming through.


If you need to reclaim VAT then this is probably a bad option. I have no idea as to why they are so bad with SAD docs. I have requested ours multiple times, to zero result.

I have increased our sale price in the EU to cover it. So sorry that my feeble attempts have not been successful, for most.


Just started receiving some SAD docs due from May.


From World Options? Did they just email them to you? @Fonesalesman


I’ve told them how to get SAD docs. It doesn’t mean they will.

If SAD docs are important to you. It’s probably best that you abandon PAN EU.

we’re lucky as a manufacturer, that SAD docs don’t matter much


I dont get why you cant reclaim without the SAD. Surely the tax law is about the “spirit” of the law. You have done nothing wrong and should therefore be free to reclaim?

Carriers to send FBA inventory to EU Marketplaces

yes they emailed them to me.


Is anyone else receiving any documents now? I’ve been using WO for 3 months now. My account managers are very communicative but i’ve not yet seen a single SAD doc. I am hoping that they will trickle in to some extent after a period of waiting.

In the long run I don’t think it will deter me from selling in the EU if they never show up. But I would like some insight as to why this sort of thing can’t have automation involved.


I’ve been using WO since March and don’t have any SAD documents. I’ve put up our prices to cover that we may never get them.


Same here, never had a SAD document from them. My account manager says he’s trying to sort it and is hopeful he will get there in the end, but we’ll see…


I had a burst of excitement when all of my support tickets pinged me with documents attached. I have around 5 SAD documents, all from the U.K side… sigh*


Put up your prices.

Don’t forget that you should only declare the cost price of the goods to French customs, not the retail price. For us it meant increasing our prices by less than €1.

If the SAD docs finally arrive, you can always put your prices down again.


Thank you, yes I’ve declared only cost price, it just wouldn’t be manageable if it had to be retail.

I’m opting to list many more lightweight items to combat the costs in the short run. The recent move to Pan EU certainly acts as a decent counter measure to all the import costs.

I haven’t raised prices much post Brexit, but with the combined headache of the many changes of late (VAT paid by OMP, import duties, supply chain issue etc.), I think it’s well overdue.


World Options replied to my last message saying it has been too long now and they can’t do anything more for me.

My shipment was sent in March.

It is a shame. World Options gave me a lot of hope at the beginning. Their platform is really good but they just won’t help with the SAD documents.


I had a message from my World Options account manager yesterday saying “Just to let you know that this request has been sent and acknowledged by UPS. They are advising that there is a vast backlog of these requests and they are working through them as best they can. I’ll continue to chase and hopefully get these documents back to you in a timely manner.


I do hope it will suddenly arrive in my inbox.


Could you please help me how you are using your CAD docs to reclaim VAT back from French tax office ? Thanks


No, I can’t, sorry. We put up prices to cover it.


So some good news, we finally got 6 SAD documents for Germany at last, been one massive headache but it’s finally coming together


That is good news. How did they arrive and when did you make the shipments?