World Options for EU FBA


So you are sending consignments VAT free now? Do you have to do anything through your French VAT return?


Account manager where?


Ha, don’t get excited/jealous. I don’t have an Amazon account manager. I was talking about my World Options account manager.

I don’t even know why anyone would want an Amazon account manager when seller support are available!


We’ve effectively written off the VAT on everything that we sent over last year-we were sending with DPD who effectively told us that we were not allowed to reclaim the VAT.

So, we increased our prices propotionately and unfortunately, we had no choice but to pass the price increase onto the end consumer.

Out of interest, assuming that the new system continues to work well, will you lower your prices to reflect this?


On the invoices sent through by World Options, we now only see charges that relate to duty. This is what we expected to see and so have not raised this with World Options.

Our returns are handled by Avalara and we raised the issue of compliance with them, and apparently it is all handled by Amazon via the additional transactions report. (Which we suspected already.) So, you simply need to ensure that all data there is correct.

Out of curiosity, when people make their declarations, do you use the deductive method for calculating import VAT or do you go straight off the cost price?


So do you provide some information to Amazon? How do they know what is going over the border? Do they calculate something based on the receipts?



When you generate a shipment to the EU the data is pulled into the additional tax data file which you will need to check and resubmit on a monthly basis.

It is this information that is sent to the tax office.


Actually, I remember. The one delivery I did through World Options did that but as I did not have the SAD document I deleted it.

I wonder why my account manage said this wouldn’t resolve the problem.

Thanks for your help.|


Tempting I know, but not the best course of action. This leads to under declaration on the return. (Although it would appear to be rather academic.)

WO account managers are pretty much just facilitators who act as a conduit between us and the system. In my experience, they have limited knowledge about in depth import/export procedures. We tend to speak directly with specialist departments who, as a rule of thumb, tend to know whats what.


Anyone lucky enough to use Avask ATS promotion, previously called Avask PSPGEL promo. Basicallly export to the EU without paying VAT.


So now in France when you bring a product from China to France and it goes through customs you don’t have to pay input VAT?
Do you have any mail from ups france or any useful contact?


As previously mentioned, you can read about it here.


thanks for the post, I had read it before but from what they say to what the carrier does many things can change that’s why I ask if someone who imported something to the European Union


Music to my ears. I have only sent boxes in the hundreds since then, but it will be fair pay off when mine finally roll in…
Thanks for the update.


I haven’t used World Options, but do you have an Importer of Record? Or do World Options sort that out?


Have you been using this? I’ve had an email from Avask inviting us to use this service.

I’m a bit unsure of what the costs will entail in comparison to World Options.


You dont pay any shipping into EU just sending to Amazon UK warehouse



What about the brokerage fees?


its like 15 pounds per shipment


Adding £15 per consignment on top of the cost of sending to the UK is more expensive than we are paying with World Options. They’re costing us around £14 per consignment, with 2-3 days delivery into France (UPS).