World Options for EU FBA


Is that £15 for 1 consignment, so if I sent in say 50 parcels, they will only charge £15, seems too good to be true.

I’ve been getting stock into France the last 6 months using pallets, costing around £120 per pallet on average.


What service are you using for your pallet shipments?


Hi Aroha, I have read most of this thread and have joined up to Worldoptions, but the person on the phone told me that I still need a broker for France for the clearance of the shipments as they are going to Amazon FBA. Is this the same with you and if so, what broker company are you using?



I can confirm that this is not the case.

We have been merrily sending goods to Amazon FBA in France with UPS via World Options and all we have had to submit is a POA.


POA being World Options is it or Amazon or someone else???


@JohnLiquid We’ve never needed or used a broker for France. We just send it all DDP (duty paid by sender). Whoever told you this at WO is misinformed.

Oh, and use paperless billing.


Thank you for your information.


Thanks for the reply, do you use a Deferment Account or is it not needed? I’ve just signed up and been accepted and filling in some needed details in my account?


Are you having to pay the VAT when you send to France?


@JohnLiquid No deferment account needed. WO bill you later.

@Paul73 Not any more. Amazon collect the VAT and you receive the net proceeds. Only France do this to my knowledge, but I haven’t sent anywhere else. We have been sending problem-free to France for 18 months now.


I’ve prepped my first box, the only issue is as it’s my first order to france and I don’t want to risk to much as it’s a tester, I have only got 176 units being sent, I have 3 sku’s of each unit so over 50 sku’s in total.

Now do I have to list every individual sku on the commerical invoice in WorldOptions Shipment?

Also who is the receiver, what do I place on step 4, would I use my EU EORI number as the receiver number and my FRANCE VAT number? What would I put as the receiver company name is that Amazon or my company name? This is a bit of a minefield, but once I have done one, the rest should be straight forward. Thanks


You don’t need to list individual SKUs, just basic descriptions. Cost price, not sell price.

You use your EU Eori Number as receiver and tour Frech VAT number. I put my company name as receiver. Make sure you put “duties to be paid by sender”.

My rep at WO walked me through this the first time I sent a shipment, not sure why your’s didn’t…


I asked my rep at World Options about France and he said nothing has changed.

I will try again. Thanks


Thanks for the help. My last question is does anyone ship their items in little zip lock bags that are generic so they have no other information on them apart from the Amazon Barcode? Is this ok or is FRANCE strict with packaging and would require recycling information and all that stuff on packaging, it is just small crafts items like sewing buttons for example?



Another question, what documents do you need to send it, I guess you need to attach the 3 commercial invoices to the package in a document envelope type thing, the delivery label I printed using 6x4 thermal printer, that would go on the outside of the box aswell.

The receipt that has the shipping costs on that I paid from worldoptions, I guess I would keep and not send with the shipment, is that correct?



@JohnLiquid As I said in my previous post… use paperless

No need to attach any documents!


Oh I see, I used paperless and it still gave me documents for me to print, when UPS picked up my order today he also asked me for a commerical invoice as he is required to keep one, I said it’s in the docs enclosed wallet on the package so he said he will remove one from there after.

So next time I will do paperless and not attache any documents apart from the address label.



All that’s on our boxes is the address label and FBA label.

Tell your driver that it’s paperless and they don’t need any docs attached. They should know this as soon as it’s scanned onto the vehicle. Our drivers have never asked us for docs since we switched to WO and paperless.


Thanks, I will do. I prefer paper less as it’s better for environment and also saves myself time and costs.


My World Options account manager is still being vague and says he can not comment on VAT.

Is anyone who is sending to France VAT free able to share the name of their World Options rep?

I could then get my people to speak to your people!