World Options for EU FBA


Has anyone successfully shipped a parcel to Spain via World Options? Is PoA mandatory?


Aroha, have you filled in the additional VAT report yet for importing from UK to France.

On worldoptions when I bring up the invoice, it says “Duty and Tax forwarding surcharge: £15.96”, do you know if that is for the import duty and VAT as if it is for just the Duty, it works out about 25%, so I would think it’s for both VAT and Duty, but when filling in the Cost of stock on the Additional VAT report I have to including the Duty, but not the VAT I think, how can I get the cost of just the Duty.

Also By the £15.96, it then says VAT rate 0%, is that the vat rate that Worldoptions charge is 0% and therefore does not mean France charged me 0% vat on my import?



@JohnLiquid I have no idea tbh. I don’t know what your products are, or their prices. I leave it to my VAT accountant and World Options.

These small charges are usually just handling charges. VAT to France is now reverse charged, so nothing to claim back.


Seems I have to fill in the additional vat report on amazon for my accountant, same as the ones you use I believe, even if I have nothing to pay or claim, they still need the information of what you are important and exporting into/out of france.

Now with returns / unsellable items in France / Europe do you have them come back to you using a return address or do you just have amazon refurbish them and sell them on cheaper for you. As my items are low priced, it may cost more than it’s worth having them back if the storage fees are high, but at the same time, majority of my unsellable items that I do receive from UK have had no issues with the item and is actually sellable so not having them back will just add to more costs so do you use or recommend a company for storing and then shipping back say once a month to once every few months, I also have the issue where some items I put into France may not sell within 12 months and therefore start having high amazon storage fees so would need to get that back aswell then on top.



Hi @JohnLiquid

Sorry for late response.

Regarding returned stock. Perhaps by now you’ve found the settings that enables you to set prices for stock that is returned? Amazon grade your stock on return, you can authorise the discounted price for the various grades. Disposal of stock is an option too…

I use a returns service, for me, its worth getting my stock back. You have to keep in mind that you will pay the return fee from Amazon, a fee from the returns service to open the package received and then a fee per box when they ship a minimum quantity back to you. For us, I think it’s a minimum of 15kg in weight. That is a lot of add on charges for low margin items to be mindful of!
Since Amazon introduced the repricing structure for returned stock I have seen a decrease in my usage for the return companies however.
If your items are averaging a weight around 100g - large letter size you could be waiting a while to see any boxes coming back. Fee structures vary. We’ve used EZI Returns for a while, a few hiccups but nothing they didn’t sort out easily.