World Options for EU FBA


For the same shipment or for 2 separate shipments?

And as I understand it, you won’t pay duty if the country of origin is UK, but I think you’ll still pay VAT.


VAT & Duty invoices always follow shortly after. We’ve just received one for a shipment that we sent to Germany back at the beginning of February.

As long as you clearly marked on the CI that the goods were of UK origin, then you will not pay duty. VAT though, is mandatory.


2 separate shipments, sent 5 days apart. At that time, we only sent one box at a time. It’s a huge saving if you can send several boxes as a time.

I’ll watch out for the VAT invoices, although I doubt they will be very much. Cost price on our products is very low as we manufacture our items ourselves.


Today things have slowed a little. We had a consignment of 6 boxes take 5 days to clear customs in France. Last week this was taking a day. When I asked my World Options rep what was going on, he was plain enough. Everyone has switched to France because the Germans are being total a-holes. Now there is a backlog getting parcels into France.

I am glad we only sent one “test” parcel using APS into Germany. Sent 12 January, paperwork checked and approved by UPS, still stuck in customs 11 weeks later.

Amazon is a giant. They profit hugely from our PAN EU sales. Remember how you were courted into using PAN EU? Now they just shrug and walk away?


Yes, I feel the same pain.

I have been speaking to Avask today as they have a new scheme with a haulier Jag … however they will only send shipments to France if they file your VAT returns :angry:… I am with Simply VAT and quite happy with them, why should I have to change? … if they don’t file your VAT returns they won’t send to France. (they will send to Germany without you having to sign to their VAT services but will ONLY use the Deductive method)


@Thingimijigs I’m with Avask for my VAT filings. My rep hasn’t discussed Jag with me. They wanted to charge me £150 for an EU EORI number that took me 10 minutes to do myself. How much are they charging?

My advice for getting shipments into EU fulfillment centres is to stick with World Options. They get commission from the couriers, not you. You get a rep that will help you get to grips with the system and tell you things that make sense.

We’ve now sent 30+ consignments to CDG7 with virtually no issues at all. They’ve all got through and gone live in less than a week. We sent 10 boxes today, which got the price down to £14.75 per 15kg box.

The only issue we’ve constantly had is that our German EORI number is 17 characters long. UPS only accept EORI numbers up to 15 characters. We have to add the full EORI as an additional message/note. This has always added a day to the transit time. This issue is because of UPS’s system, not World Options.

That’s nothing compared to the one consignment we sent to Germany with Amazon Partnered Carrier. We sent it on 12 January and it “completed customs clearance” 3 times. It was returned to us today after 11 weeks in limbo. No reason was given. The document pouches had not even been opened, so they can’t say it was wrong.


How are you claiming the import VAT back?


Thanks, we are looking at this now - what is the update on the SAD document so that you can reclaim the VAT through your French Vat form? - that is the only thing that has made us hesitant for World Options / UPS

£150 is outrageous - (Simply VAT did not want anywhere near that <£100 from memory, in the end we realised that we had one already as the Spanish gvt. created one when we had registered for VAT there),

I don’t like the way Avask is pushed down everyone’s throat - they may be fine, and people happy with them, but don’t exclude others using PCP if they have different VAT companies.


I’m happy with Avask for the most part. My VAT filings for PL and CZ can come in a little late … like having to be paid in 2 days. When you have to allow 1-3 days for bank transfers, it’s a bit worrying. In 3 years I’ve had no penalties, unlike many Avalara clients.

I haven’t been billed for any VAT yet, so cannot say anything about SAD documents. I’m not too worried if we can’t claim it back. Our cost prices are very low as we manufacture. Maybe VAT of 10p per item. I understand why this won’t work for many businesses with high cost items.

We sent 10 boxes of stock to Senlis, FR on Thursday 25 March and the stock has gone live today, 5 days later. World Options is working well for us.


My World Options shipment has still not arrived. It has been in Customs for over 2 weeks.

I am staring to feel unhopeful.


@Ahora Did you get a VAT invoice from World Options in the end? And if so were you able to get any supporting documentation to be able to claim it back?


@ThomasCulpeper Nothing yet.

I have been asked by Avask to provide any such invoices to them (my VAT accountant), if and when they arrive. So yes, I guess Avask will be able to claim it back for me.


My accountants wouldn’t accept the World Options invoice for reclaiming VAT. And I’m not hopeful of getting the official documents.


I am not doing well with World Options.

It has now been 26 days since I despatched my first consignment of 7 parcels. 1 has been delivered so far and the rest appear to be stuck.

My account manager tells me that UPS won’t reply to him.

What a shambles.


Which country did you ship to?


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That’s surprising then, all my shipments to France via World Options / UPS were delivered within a few days. Did you use the electronic commercial invoice option or paper version? Also, which FC in France?


Yes. I used the electronic paperwork and my account manager checked it. It is going to CDG7.


We’ve sent over 100 cartons now. All to CDG7. One got damaged and was returned to us, incomplete. We are being reimbursed for that one.

Average time from ship to live is 5 days.

@Paul73 what sort of goods are you sending?


I am sending mainly toys.