World Options for EU FBA


I have no idea why it’s taking so long. Maybe because of safety checks and country of origin. I am guessing they are made in China?

We manufacture in the U.K.


Hi, we manufacture skincare in the UK and wanting to send to France to skip out the German annoyance.
We have an account with World Options, so can I clarify that you use UPS via World Options?
Put cost price down on invoice
Commercial invoice choose help me generate and fill it out that way for paperless?
DO you need an EU EORI number to get it through? We have a French VAT number?
Reason for export - movement of goods
Duties/Taxes/Fees - duties to be paid by sender

Is that correct? Sorry for all the questions, we’ve had so many failed deliveries now, a box here and there that we just want to ensure we get it right!


I think you’ve got everything right, but you definitely need to have an EU EORI.
Also need to make sure you address it as:
My company
c/o Amazon Fulfilment Center


You that’s all correct. UPS is the cheapest. It’s worth sending multiple consignments, it saves a fortune.

You do need an EU EORI number. You won’t be able to send anything without one.

Once you’ve opened an account, your rep will talk you through it. Once we’d sent one consignment, I took down notes, it’s easy now.

World Options UPS service is now accepting the full 17 characters of our German EORI number.


That’s great, thanks so much, Amazon ought to be getting you on their payroll…!

How do we go around getting a EU EORI number, we are VAT registered in Germany but no EORI unfortunately.

Thanks again for your help.


It only took about a week.


Hi, Who is your rep. I have yet to contacted by my rep about sending the first shipment,


His name is Les Sycamore.

Les dot Sycamore at worldoptions dot co dot uk


Has anyone managed to get any copies of SAD documents (for VAT recovery) from UPS for shipments to France? As I understand it the export SAD is consolidated but individual SAD documents should be available from the import side (France). We sent one small parcel to DE via a forwarder in Poland and they were able to send us a copy of the SAD they had received from UPS with our EORI on etc so we believe the documentation is there but getting any info directly from UPS has been impossible.


I just talked to a lady on the phone she said they dont provide import brokerage services to Germany. Are you sending only to France or something to Germany?


@gerryg We got our first SAD documents today, Avask had already asked me for them, so they can be reclaimed.

@Fonesalesman We’ve only sent to France with World Options. It’s going brilliantly. You don’t need a broker for France.

This was after sending one consignment to Germany using Amazon Partnered Carrier in January, That one was returned 3 months later for not having any documentation. Even though the document pouches hadn’t been touched or opened.


Was that from World Options or UPS? I’m being ping-ponged between the two of them.


Pulled the trigger and sent to France via World options lets see what happens with regards to SAD etc.


What is a brexit charge? is it billed as such?

thank you


It a charge for the extra work involved for Brexit paperwork. It is billed as such.


Who provided the SAD documents? World Options or UPS?


World Options sent us invoices for VAT.


But are these the SAD import documents? You cannot reclaim the VAT based upon the courier VAT recharge invoice, it has to be the customs documentation showing the VAT in Euros with your EORI number on.


I’ve also had the VAT invoice from World Options but can’t reclaim the VAT from that and I’m getting nowhere fast trying to get the SAD/C88 document.


My first shipment with World options was delivered but not sure about appropriate SAD documents sent I have asked my account manager but he says UPS will provide them. but its still early days for me. how long have you been waiting for SAD docs?

FYI I also sent a shipment via DHL in the same boat when comes to SAD