World Options for EU FBA


@Fonesalesman I’ve literally just this morning received the SAD document for my first shipment sent via World Options on 17th Feb. But I still don’t think it’s what I need. The only figure quoted on there is “statistical value” (in GBP) which is the cost price I stated on the commercial invoice. There’s no mention of a VAT component so I don’t think this is of any help in reclaiming VAT.


This is worrying as I have sent item and will be invoiced 1000s Euros for the VAT.
MAybe holding payment from World Options and DHL till they provide the appropritae docs might be a strategy.


I raised it with my account manager and he is going to try to get the SAD from the EU side which will hopefully show the VAT element.


Did you use the deductive method and declare value in euros. Maybe that will make a difference


I think it’s just Germany using the deductive method. I declared cost price in GBP sending to France.


We’re now 5 months in on PAN EU without Amazon’s assistance. I got an email today from Amazon about APC (Amazon Partnered Carrier) for PAN EU. Like we could ever trust them again??

They had months to figure this out with well paid experts but they left us to shovel our own sh*t. Maybe Jeff was too busy sorting out his divorce settlement.

I’ve been sending stock into France using World Options. 90% has been getting there quickly and efficiently. The other 10% is in the wind. Some lost products are irreplaceable.

My crux has come down to how much product I can afford to lose in transit. We are already over that limit.


I have not had a message about APC. Did it come from an account manager?


I actually got myself registered for a World Options account after seeing everything people are saying in this thread.

How did you learn the steps needed to successfully get into EU FCs?

My WO account manager didn’t seem like he could offer too much help, other than with preferential statements of origin.

I have no idea where to start so if you could point me to some information I could learn from that would be much appreciated.

My understanding of the situation is that you need -

  • EU VAT Number (for respective country you are sending to)
  • EU EORI (Any EU state is ok)
  • Power of Attorney (Not sure on this but see it thrown around. Clarification?)
  • Customs Broker (Clarification?)
  • Preferential Statement of Origin (if necessary)
  • Commercial Invoice (3 copies)

Commercial Invoice to include -

  • Origin of Goods
  • Cost Price of Goods
  • UK & EU VAT Number (EU VAT number for respective country)
  • EU EORI Number
  • GB EORI Number
  • Export Reason

Just want to get things out into some EU FCs. We’ve got the margins, and there’s a lot of money being left on the table in Europe.


I would also like to know this. No email from any APC. If I can do this all on Amazon with no need for the extra headache I will wait if it’s not too long away.


I have received this email from my Brexit POC account manager:


Any luck in getting SAD from World Options yet. I have been waiting for 2 weeks.


Nope, I’m still waiting too.


I don’t really understand this. So they are starting with sellers who have an EU registered subsidiary?

There can’t be that many of them.


I’m a bit lost with all the acronyms, is there somewhere with a guide that shows what we need to be able to send stock to France?

Came here because my inventory is stuck in Poland at customs for weeks now, and definitely don’t want to repeat this experience.


Easy steps:

  1. Sign up with World Options
  2. Wait for them to contact you (they are quick) and you will be assigned a rep.
  3. When you are ready to send your first shipment(s) you should send to FRANCE. We’ve found almost everything gets sent to CDG7.
  4. Get your rep on the phone to walk you through filling in the form and take notes! It’s not complicated.
  5. Send multiple consignments together to save money. I’m sending between 12 and 20 at a time.

This is what I did and I have now successfully send hundreds of consignments to France. It is not cheap compared to sending consignments to the UK. Adjust your sell price accordingly.

For me, out of around 300 consignments sent, 2 have been lost or damaged. You need to take a loss are of maybe 1% and also account for the returns. We all know that buyers lie and say that items are defective to get free FBA returns. You won’t be able to get them back and resell them like you can in the UK.


It can take months for them to come through, be patient. It’s not World Option’s fault, it’s EU processing of SAD document’s that is slow. We’re not a priority to them.


Everything you have said is correct. You also need commodity codes for each of the products you are sending.

You need to download and install the W O app to upload a (jpg) signature. After that you don’t need it.

I got a great account manager who helped me send my first shipments. They are franchisees so I don’t think you can change once you have been assigned an account manager.

I’d be happy to talk you through the form if you want to PM me for my phone number when you are ready to send your first shipments.


Thanks! I will follow your instructions and see how it goes. :grin:


Thank you very much. I will drop you a PM soon once I have everything ready.


My 7 World Options parcels have finally arrived in France. The last 3 arrived yesterday. They took 8 weeks to be delivered.