World Options for EU FBA


We tried Spain after reading all the problems with Germany. Went with World Options as the price was cheaper than UPS direct. We sent on the 26/4 and the box arrived at Spain customs in Barcelona on the 30/4. Since then the parcel has not moved. Spoke to UPS on a couple of occassions as World Options customer services were not helping. Still trying to sort out. Fortunately did not send a lot but still incredibly frustrating.


We tried Spain and it simply bounced straight back to us. The Spaniards apparently, are very inefficient.

No issues with France at the moment though.


Thanks for the tip.

Think I cracked it getting shipments into the Senlis FC. However the shipping company I use is costing me Around £28 for a 15kg box, i’m only able to send around 7 boxes a time due to DHL limitations. If I can get my price as low as yours i’d be beyond chuffed.

I guess my only question for you is this. Are they acting as IOR? because thats the question where all my local shipping companies stop answering my emails!


Hello all,

I’ve been told the following regarding shipping to Amazon FR from the UK:

This is all shipments to Amazon which are being refused, it doesn’t make a difference regarding the term it has been sent on (DAP or DDP).

This issue is due to Amazon or UPS not being able to clear the goods anymore.

Has anyone experienced the above? If true, this option of shipping to FR may no longer be viable :persevere:


You don’t need an IOR in France like you do for Germany.


We had 12 consignments successfully received on Monday (two days ago).

Now our only issue is the RESTOCK LIMIT that started this week. Check you actually have enough restock limit left before preparing your shipments.


Thank you for confirming!

We have the same issue with the restock limits, constantly getting emails to send more inventory particularly because of prime day, yet there is a limit on how much we can send which is way under the recommended replenishment quantities.

Been arguing with their FBA Customer Support and they are useless, requested for an increase and they said, there’s nothing they can do and do monitor the situation.



We sold over 1800 units PAN EU in the last 30 days. Our restock limit is 1500. Not even a month’s supply. They are saying we’re supposed to get 2-3 months as a restock limit.

They are obviously not looking at the recent sales. They are looking at the last 3 months where we hardly had any sales in Feb/March due to the struggle of getting stock there in the first place.


Guess it’s not just us then!

I’ve flagged with FBA support, hopefully they will do something about this sooner than later


I raised a case which was closed with the standard copy and paste malarkey. I then reopened it requesting a call back. That was so much fun … NOT.

I was calm and did not swear. My convo …

We’ve been selling on Amz for 7 years. 5 years ago I was wined, dined and wooed by Amazon into PAN EU. Sure, they paid for the first year but I’ve been paying over £7k a year for PAN EU VAT returns since then. Now they impose restock limits? If they do that, there is no reason for us to continue with PAN EU.

Things were difficult enough, getting stock into PAN EU FCs, without this BS. In the last few days I had staff manufacture German language items that we can’t sell anywhere else. Now I can’t sent them in, even though they are sold out in PAN EU FCs?

The one thing I am happy about is that our PAN EU renewal is November. That gives me 6 months to get rid of out PAN EU stock and ditch PAN EU altogether. I will happily de-register all my EU VAT numbers and tell Amazon where to go.


Any update on French SAD from UPS?


@Fonesalesman Sadly not.


I’ve been trying to get SAD docs for weeks with no luck. For us it’s not a major problem. We will just increase prices (again) if we can’t get them. As a UK manufacturer it’d hard enough to prove cost price, but then our cost price is low. So what we can claim back is also low.

If you are importing complete goods from China to sell into PAN EU then walk away unless you can afford not to reclaim the VAT. Getting the docs will be a major challenge.


I feel I’m getting closer. I emailed as suggested by @gerryg in the other thread and asked for “Le Document Administratif Unique (DAU)” which I’ve discovered is how they refer to the SAD.

But they replied saying “It is necessary to inform you that UPS can only provide export documents to the shipper. The form can be downloaded in PDF format free of charge online, in PDF format from the French customs website, or in XLS format (Excel file) from the European Commission website.”

I’m not sure why they think we’re not the sender. Maybe they’re seeing WO as the sender. I’ll try exploring these download sites they mention.


Thanks for the head up I have forwarded the detail to World Options


Please note that you need the SAD Import document, not SAD Export document. These can only be provided to the recipient which should be your company c/o Amazon.


Ah ok thanks, I hadn’t twigged that. I’ll get back in touch!


How do you make clear which is your shipment? I have just emailed them using the shipment ID and the PO number.

I also gave the to and from address. I am not sure if this is sufficient.



I just gave them the shipment ID, that should uniquely identify it.


They have just written back and asked for the tracking number.