World Options for EU FBA


I’ve had an email from UPS saying “Here is the link which allows you to obtain this document”…

But unless I’m missing something it just seems to be bulletins and announcements.


I am having further communication. He seems to want to speak to me but wants a French number rather than a UK number.

I have also pointed out to him that the only things I can say in French are

My name is Paul
Two ice creams please.


Well here’s hoping you manage to get a SAD document from them eventually (or some ice cream).


We have not been able to reclaim VAT and they are not addressing the two lost shipments that have vanished (lost in March).

I’ve put up our prices by an extra €1 per item to cover the losses. I’d already had to put up out prices by €2 per item to cover the additional import costs. So our prices have gone up from €11.99 to €14.99 for a mug. Sales are steady. If only we had better restock limits. They have just cut our restock limit by 400 units … again. We have so many products out of stock but can’t send any more.


Hi, when you make amazon fba import to uk, who is the actual importer of the goods, so you can claim your VAT back. Do you assign an importer of record. Do WO provide that? Many thanks


:joy: let me know how the call goes


Any news on SAD docs?


No reply from World Options. I wrote to the French UPS people again and they said they would request them again.

That was a week ago.

It is all very frustrating.

I have pretty much given up on the EU.


You, your name and company are the importer.


Thank you, have you sucesfully retrieved your import VAT. Could you refer a company making the import on your behalf ( especially if you do not have a corporate entity in UK). Thanks


It seems UPS doesnt know what DAU is this is the response I got:
Nous vous remercions de votre retour. Merci de bien vouloir nous clarifier votre demande, qu’ est ce que vous entendez par le document Administratif Unique (DAU), est ce que c’ est la facture des frais de transport, la facture des frais de douanes, justificatif d’ export ou autre.

Une fois votre réponse reçue, je serai ravie de traiter votre demande.


Anyone has an update regarding the SAD and VAT reclaim ?
We’re currently with AVASK for PAN EU Vat calculations but prices for their JAG services are over the moon - details below :

Please see some information about the service we offer below:

Why would a client require indirect representation? Organisations must appoint an indirect representative in cases when they are:

  • Not established in the UK, but conducting import and export activities in the UK, or
  • Not established in the European Union but conducting import and export activities in the European Union.

How long does it take from applying for indirect representation to the client being able to ship?

After completing our application form, it will take approx. 2-3 days for our internal AML checks to be carried out. Indirect representation is a risk so needs to be assessed in a consistent and robust manner. These checks are essential because this service makes AVASK jointly liable to duties/taxes.

What are the fees? The fees are outlined below, but these will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis:

· Account Arrangement fee: £2,000.00 (one-time).

· Account clearance fee for each shipment: £150.00 (this is an approximation which is reviewed on a case-by-case basis).

· ESKROW: £8,000.00 (this is reviewed on case by case and is an approximation).


So in terms of shipping FBA stock to a French FC, what if any are the additional documentation or regulatory requirements, other than commercial invoicing? As Amazon won’t act as Importer, who do you add as the “Sold to” on your commercial invoice?

Any information you can provide will be appreciated.

Best regards


You are literally selling to yourself.

You are both the importer and exporter. We have a German EORI number, we use that. We have a UK EORI number, a French VAT number. We use those too.

We have not found a way to reclaim import VAT. We have added this to our prices.

If your products would not support these increases, then you should ditch PAN EU. I’ve thought about it more than once. I invested so much time and energy to getting PAN EU set up, I didn’t want to ditch it so fast.

We sell novelty mugs. FBA Used to be 11.99 euros, now 13.99. The price increase hasn’t slowed sales. The only thing that has slowed sales is Amazon’s ridiculous storage limits.

Meant to represent 3 months sales. Amazon forgot how difficult it was for us to get stock into the EU in Q1. We’re now having to wait 2-3 weeks to send a worthwhile consignment into the EU.


@DLM_Direct Go to the World Options website and call them. They will put you in touch with a local rep who will help you.


Factor 1

It’s been over 6 months and we have NO SAD docs. We have not been able to reclaim any VAT on imports made into the EU. Increase your prices to cover this.

Factor 2

UPS are normally very reliable. They have lost 2 boxes worth £1000 each… Lost in March 2021. July still waiting.


Great thread guys, many thanks for sharing your experiences.
I haven’t sent inventory yet, gathering info before jumping in, and taking a slightly different approach.
Still deciding which EORI in the EU to apply for.
@Aroha - do you have any info regarding the German EORI. I was leaning towards applying for one in DE out of the PAN EU countries we have VAT No’s for, but I read 2 things on another blog that deter me. Apparently German EORIs for 3rd country businesses can only be used for a maximum of 9 imports per year under special measures. Second is that the country of entry to the EU must be Germany (only for 3rd country businesses again), but judging from your success landing goods to France from UK that one can’t be accurate.

Has anyone applied for a French EORI, how easy and fast was that?

I’m not going to send my goods from UK, but getting them into bonded warehouse in NL first with a 3PL and using their VAT No to import under LFR to bond and then plan to transfer over to my new EU EORI as a stock transfer to free circulation in a FBA warehouse of any EU country that will have me.


I’ve had no problem at all sending shipments into France with my German EORI number. We’re sending at least 12 boxes a week, storage limit allowing.

This is not true.


Thanks, good to know.


Hi Aroha,

We are now close to getting bits sent to French FCs, one thing I cant understand though is the EORI number.

Got a VAT registration in Italy, Germany & France with Avalara, we have VAT numbers for each of these countries, I assumed that Avalara also should provide an EORI number, as the EORI is just a VAT number with “000” added to the end if I remember correctly.
Looked through all documents they provided and there is not one present.

Should I already have one if Avalara have got us the VAT numbers? I’ve emailed them three times asking this question but they have not responded.

I would just apply for one myself, but I am not sure I’m supposed to as I was under the impression Avalara were to do this.

I checked all of our VAT numbers with “000” added on the EU EORI Verification site and none are registered so I know somethings not right.

Any help appreciated.