World Options for EU FBA


The GB EORI has 000 on the end but the French seems to be a different format. Our French VAT begins FR1234… and ourFrench EORI begins FRGB34… But I don’t think you get one issued automatically, you do have to apply.


@NutandBolt I got my German EORI online, it took about a week.


Thanks I will just apply online myself then.


Thanks for clearing that up, I will apply for one.


World options just sent me SAD from April, after constant chasing:

does this look right. not sure I see the vat percentage anywhere


It is in section 47, on A445 line in the “Quotité” column.


Any tips for getting hold of this? Did you just keep chasing your WO account manager?


I’ve been in touch with Charlotte the ​​International Shipping Consultant


Is she at World Options or UPS?


World Options Not UPS, they are useless


I just got one from March. Had given up on them ever getting these and stopped using them, so a nice bonus :slight_smile:


I haven’t been chasing at all - just had a open ticket for months with them requesting it. So it was great it has suddenly appeared. They usually just keep sending me the export declaration instead.


Actually my joy was short lived. They have only sent me one page. There should be a page for each commodity code, so I’m missing lots of pages :frowning:


Yeah so far from 3 shipmnet I got Import SAD for 1, and Export SAD for 1 and nothing for the other


I’ve still had no SAD documents, I chase every week. I believe we will get them eventually but only because I keep nagging.

I was actually feeling quite comfortable. We’d found a successful route to get our product back into PAN EU. The courier has lost around 1% of our consignments and damaged 1% (returned to us battered). Overall not bad. Our income stream from PAN EU restored.

I then get an email offering me huge discounts to send pallet loads into PAN EU. YAY!!! I can do this!! Only 0.1% of sellers get this offer (yeah right).

Then Amazon bring in the restock limits. Our restock limit is LESS than one pallet. How the heck will that work then?

We would have to wait until we were completely sold out of ALL PAN EU FBA stock before we can even send ONE pallet.

It just shows how out of touch they are. I’m fuming.

@Jessica Can you relay this to management please?


So, we’ve just had a second shipment return from France by DPD for no reason at all. We’ve sent numerous boxes before, and had no issue. The only thing that I can think of, is that since the July 1 changes, the process used by DPD has changed. We’ve raised the issue with DPD and would be interested to see if anybody else has had a similar issue.

Bearing this in mind, we’re now looking at using World Options. From reading the posts above, they appear to be operating without issue, but has anybody had a bad experience with World Options?



I can’t get the SAD documents through them. I keep chasing them and my account manager just replies that they keep asking. It is not good enough really.

I paid World Options for their services and I feel they have not completed the job.

Also it took 9 weeks to get there.


I understand the lack of SAD documents as that’s happening everywhere, but 9 weeks to get there, sh!t the bed that’s unacceptable. Think that I’ll persevere with DPD.

We’re quite close to working with somebody on a pallet based basis, which would be a lot easier. Unfortunatley though, because of the restock limits, that’s a non starter too.

Seems like the odds are being increasingly stacked against us and the Pan EU programme. If this continues, then we wil have no choice but to ditch it.


I am thinking of ditching it but I don’t know what I would do with my remaining stock in the EU.

I also keep hoping that something will change and it will improve.


It’s easy.

Stop sending stock into the EU. Let it sell out as much as possible.Then destroy any remnants. Delete all your EU listings. Done and dusted.

This is my plan. Would not have done this except for the ludicrous restock limits.

I was even getting subsidised pallet offers that were WAY OVER my restock limits. Amazon don’t have a clue. They make themselves look more clueless every day.