Monitor your account health with new Account Health page features


Ambiguous as usual then


Yes so that’s policy change rather the account health page change

No doubt like the new SC dashboard, it will be rolled out to us all at different times

The two step verification which is notified on the top of the page as being applicable From 1st December still isn’t required on my PC


I sometimes need it but it is pretty random.


Just noticed I now have a score out of 1000 on my account health. Looks like they have taken into account previous 6 months selling history and not given me a new seller score of 200 which is good.


ive just notices this also, worrying that i have no policy violations and only 0.10% ODR, 100% VTR etc. but only a 444 for account health.


It is based on sales. 200 as a baseline. 4 points for every 200 orders you have had in the last 6 months. To get to 1000 you need to have over 222 sales per day on average or 40000 in the last 6 months which only big sellers are going to achieve. 444 sounds good to me.


444 is good. Basically the higher above the baseline of 200 you are the better.

Points are taken off for violations so if you are a couple of hundred above 200 your account can take some minor violations and still be safe.

Overall it is a good thing as if we do get a violation we can see the impact on our account health and whether or not it will possibly cause a deactivation. There maybe a lot more worrying about minor violations if they only knock a few points off but keep the account healthy.


This is a crazy way of scoring. I have perfect metrics, yet only on 200, and I will NEVER ever have anything like that number of sales.
4 points for every 200 orders - they are obviously only thinking of the high volume sellers.


Exactly the same for me Jilly. Low sales but everything else perfect


We have 350, but the last 180 days was Christmas season. It looks like will go down if calculated 4 points per 200 orders


I thought I remembered the boost from sales being a rolling 12 month period.

Edit - Higher up BlankName references 180 days for the US site:

Don’t know if they meant at the time it goes live, or continuously, but if it is a rolling window then old sales will drop off.


I agree, simply crazy. My account is perfect on all account health policies, no violations of any kind but I come nowhere near hitting the sales required to raise my score significantly over the baseline.

And given that It’s actually far easier for a high volume seller to meet the metrics (One problem order to a low volume seller pretty much destroys their account health) it is completely skewed to be advantageous to the big sellers.

Volume of sales has nothing to do with how well you operate or support those sales as we can see from the feedback scores of many high volume sellers (Including I suspect Amazon themselves if they would let us see their scores)


Over the past few years, sellers have asked for more insight into account health-related issues…REALLY ?

If you have any questions or suggestions about how we might improve the AHR, - I REALLY HOPE YOU DO LISTEN - please visit Seller Forums and browse to the “Account Health” category there to share your thoughts. Our team of Account Health Specialists is ready to answer any questions surfaced there.

This change, as mentioned above several times, is totally out of balance for low volume sellers who will never achieve anything like enough points to raise the score - this is so wrong for long-time sellers with a proven record and perfect metrics.

Sadly not so.

A stated over on the other long thread on this topic: _‘What on earth has sales volume got to do with account ‘health’?’
It shouldn’t matter how much or how little you sell, account health should be about how good you are in fulfulling your orders and complying with Amazon polices.

@Maja_Amazon - please note.


Hi JillyB1

Another area that will be impacted is that of new, and ignorant sellers who will lack experience of Amazon’s rules and start their Account Health 1 point above DANGER!

All Best



Which is where they started last week and where all sellers were too. Depending on the violation all accounts could become “at risk” straight away or even deactivated.

Just because there are now some fancy numbers to be seen doesn’t mean everything has changed for every seller


Hello fellow community members ,

I think it’s a small detail that needs improvement:

We cannot attach any files or images while annotating AtoZ. For example, the customer claims that he did not receive the product, the cargo company has put a photo of the product being delivered, we cannot add it to the cargo tracking number, there is no evidence that the product reached the customer because the authorities examining AtoZ did not check the data, cargo tracking number, etc. on the page of the relevant cargo company or could not check it due to workload. says.

This area can be improved. Maybe :slight_smile:


The “Suspected Intellectual Property Violations” bot has been busy today, we had a couple this morning then 22 in the last hour. However score is unaffected so it seems thankfully these (while annoying) do not bring your score down afterall

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