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Hi This link is from the UK Government

Receive money into your account automatically

If you’re expecting money to be paid into your account by a company, or another person, how quickly it arrives will depend on which payment system is used.

Faster payments

Most online payments in the UK use the Faster Payments system. This means money will arrive in your account within two hours of it being paid – it’s often instant.


If payments are made through the Bankers’ Automated Clearing System (BACS), they take three working days to clear.


It’s got nothing to do with the uk banking system. It is simply Amazon not using the faster payments option and using the antiquated BACS system instead. It’s very poor service in the modern day - I can send funds to my French bank account from my UK account and it arrives within minutes yet it still takes Amazon 3-5 days for funds to hit my UK bank account for UK sales!



Thanks for your replies! I couldn’t remember the specific term when I posted earlier and I was looking to confirm the correct term. Amazon sends the money to your bank account using an Automated Clearing House (ACH) or electronic funds transfer. Unfortunately I don’t have any details as to why this is the chosen method. I will pass all the feedback from this thread to the relevant teams and if I receive any additional details I will come back.

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Hi @P.F!

Thanks for your question.
A credit card is stated as the required charge method as not all debit cards are accepted. I know you aren’t the only one that is using a debit card :slight_smile: If it ever happens that your debit card is not accepted then a credit card would be needed.



I think half of us on here, would dispatch every half hour just to be on the safe side, if it was possible:-(


over on the bay, my funds even go into my bank account Saturday & Sunday!


Just a thought - when Amazon refund a customer are they also refunded through BACS or ACH or via Faster Payments.


I still get bulk contracted prices from my supplier based on my 10 years plus buying from them


I would say most of my competitors whom have been with them that long may have a similar offer - although I did negotiate hard for our pricing
I was speaking with someone in the accounts team there recently and they are even now turning down buyers who want to spend a large amount but as a one off. They are sending them to the wholesalers instead



Great question!
When a buyer is refunded it is either sent to the card in their account or added to their buyer account as a credit as they won’t have a bank account on file.
From my own personal experience of refunds to my card it generally takes 3-5 working days; sometimes it feels longer if it is before payday! :money_with_wings:



Yet ours seems to be 3 working days?


What I’d like to know is why is it that on the older European amazon sites ( .uk, .fr, .de, .it, .es ) we can dispurse daily whilst on the newer european sites (.nl, .se, .be, .pl) we get our money every two weeks if we’re lucky.
More often that not there is a spurious account reserve for no good reason and we have to wait over a month to get our money. As we are automatically subscribed to these new european sites then it should be on the same basis as the older european sites, ie daily dispursements.
Also why on .com & .ca is there no mechanism to dispurse daily?


I get UK payments in 6 total days ( eg. disburse on Wednesday, it’s in the following Tuesday )
In this example EU payments come in on Thursday.
USA/Canada come in on Friday,
I’m in the Uk


Because while Amazon has all our money in its bank they acru interest on it and earn more cash from our money, totally agree it should be a way quicker funds transfer.


Now let’s compare Amazon and eBay’s disbursements:


  • Holds funds for ALL transactions for several days after delivery, regardless of selling history, item type or value. Holds are not grounded in risk and are frankly unjustifiable.
  • Disbursements are automatic every 2 weeks, up to every 24 hours with manual intervention… and of course the 24 hour window slips a little bit each time
  • Pays using the slowest method know to man - Archaic Cash Haulage or something like that - which means 4-5 days between hitting disburse and getting paid
  • Typically takes two weeks from sale to cash in bank


  • Holds are only applied to justifiable risk like new sellers, increased activity, high value items beyond normal selling
  • Disbursements are automatic every night
  • Payments user modern ‘faster payment’ systems that take hours not days
  • An established seller with good history can have cash in their bank before the courier even turns up the next day.

Amazon strives to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, Earth’s best employer, and Earth’s safest place to work” - Amazon, allegedly


It would actually help whilst waiting for faster payments, to be able to set your account to actually auto disburse every 24 hours. Why on earth you still have to do it manually boggles my brain!


Same question here.- Amzn USA Seller Central funds disbursed Sunday evening and arrive in my UK bank Tuesday early morning. Albeit every 2 weeks to transfer, but still faster than UK once transfer auto initiated


I’m intrigued now, some of you are saying disburse daily, but HOW do you do this? I tried that once and it started the 2 week clock ticking again to be ‘eligible’ for another payout. I’ve looked again today and if I select the ‘Pay Now’ button it will pay out approx 1% of my money. So, ever since I have reluctantly accepted the what seems to be ‘normal’ Amazon timeline of payout every two weeks on a Sunday, then hits my bank on the following Thursday. Every other organisation we use pays out same day, and hits the bank 1-2 days later (except weekends of course). This is probably the single most frustrating aspect of selling on Amazon, it affects our cashflow massively, but it sounds like there’s another way…I’m all ears if someone would care to explain HOW!


You presumably have a reserve on your account as a new seller
Many of us as older sellers don’t
so if I have £10 in mine on Monday morning, I can withdraw £10. If I then have £40k 24 hours later, I can withdraw £40k


If you manually click disburse every 24 hours you would effectively have disbursed +/- the estimate they show you at the bottom by day 14 as it is calculated through your reserve which, if your account is in good standing, becomes availabe on EDD/delivery date + 7 days per order. The amount wouldn’t be more or less wether you wait 14 days or click disburse every 24 hours.