Quick Tip: Getting paid


Yes there is an Account Reserve, but the amount in it is negligible. How long does it take to stop being a new seller? We’ve been selling on Amazon for around 15 months. I would love to be able to do what you are able to do, i.e. disburse daily for the amount we have in our account. It’s been driving me crazy that I can’t.


Frankly, I’ve been loathed to try it after what happened last time. The clock literally started again on a 2 week cycle before we could disburse any more money. Admittedly it was early on and perhaps we were still in the ‘new’ seller stage, and maybe we are now no longer newbies. I have scoured the help pages on Amazon and found nothing that informs me of how I can do things differently. Hence when I saw the question being posed on the forum here I jumped on it. Perhaps I should try it again, if you believe that’s what should happen.


The easiest thing to do is hit the disburse button tomorrow at 9am. Then on Thursday at 9.01am, hit it again and so on
The 2 week date will keep extending but if you are disbursing daily, that 2 week date will never apply

Maybe the time you only had access to 1 % was when you had a large reserve or payments on invoice ?

Unfortunately though, I think all new accounts have lifelong reserves on them


Thanks for the advice, I will give it a go to see what happens. But what I don’t understand is that we had a disbursement on Sunday (2 days ago and we’ll get that in 2 days time), this represented about 2/3rds of the amount of funds we had established as of Sunday, yet today I can disburse a paltry £95 of £6.8K. The reserve is just £18. It just doesn’t make sense to me. We are selling 10x more than that each day, I can’t see how we will ever catch up to make it effectively a daily disbursement similar to that we get from eBay, PayPal, Shopify and others.


Can you screenshot your payments page (the graph) and section above it



@Jessica why would @No_96_Home_Gifts only be able to withdraw £90.45 out of a £6800 odd balance with only an £18 reserve ?
Is that just the standard rolling reserve ?
If so, why don’t the funds go to the account level reserve box ?


Calculated by estimated delivery date/actual delivery date + 7 days, on day 8 the funds become available for that order. Do you ship tracked? Or what are your shipping times? Have a look tomorrow at the amount available as the 95 pounds showing available today should resemble orders that were (estimated) delivered last week on Monday.


We ship next day via DPD, small proportion via Royal Mail
Last Monday we sold £1790


We’ve been here several years and have the same. £0.00 account reserve but thousands not actually withdrawable, thousands more somewhere in transit.

Capital tied up on Amazon / disbursed but not yet received is about 2 weeks of sales regardless of how often we hit disburse. Ridiculous.


The policy where merchandise is delivered prior to receiving funds from Amazon is not very good for Handmade Customized products. At times it becomes difficult to manage cashflow. Maybe Amazon should review their policies for handmade and customized.


There is no reason for Amazon not using instant bank transfers in this day and age,Everyone else apart from Amazon use either same day or next day money transfer why are Amazon not?


It’s not what you sold last monday, but the orders delivered that monday.


Yes so the rolling reserve/hold (or whatever they call it?) is not included in the account level reserve.


I find that dreadful then that there is no display of the funds held in rolling reserve as opposed to account level reserve
How are sellers supposed to see the breakdown of these figures owed and reconcile them ?!
A separate section with this must be somewhere ?


If amazon managed cashflow similar to eBay or payment processors on your own website i.e immediately or next day, we could do 8 figures. We did 7 figures in the pandemic and the busier it got the worse the cash flow was. As a prime seller for 6 years, why do we still have a reserve! The 2 weeks ish from sale to bank (we disburse every day) doesn’t aid sellers at all!

I don’t see any reason why we have to wait 7 days from the EDD for the funds to be available when the account metrics are great and you have been a seller for a period of time and ‘proved yourself’ It seems backwards!


Yeah it’s absolutely ridiculous and counterproductive, how can it ultimately be beneficial to Amazon itself to hinder seller’s ability to operate their business efficiently by withholding funds for extended periods?

This only leads to sellers possibly not being able to restock on time or scale their business by constantly not having enough cash flow available, which is ultimately not only bad for themselves but also customers and Amazon.

We need a solution on this @Jessica - can you please make sure all of this gets passed on to the people in charge?


I have been beating this drum for years, whenever we get a phone call survey, or an account manager wanting us to push XYZ and we just get told ‘that is how it is’

Maybe finally @Jessica can get through to somebody with how backwards and unfair it is for sellers after a set period to still have a reserve and have to wait 2 weeks from sale to bank!


It’s not what you sold last monday, but the orders delivered that monday.

So approx £2.2K worth of parcels delivered that day (excluding the RM ones). So still doesn’t compute in my head how that releases just £90. I’ve gone ahead with disbursement today which was up to £2.5K, let’s see what is on offer tomorrow. Its better than waiting, but like many aspects with Amazon it’s another manual item on the workload each day when every other organisation we use pays automatically.


Yeah it should work out that way, but it seems it’s not always that accurate then? To be fair I don’t pay too much attention to it these days as it’s to difficult to track, I take it as it comes in and reconcile the disbursement/transaction reports with the orders.

For sure it is another thing to do daily which should just be automated, in our situation we (have to) do it for all EU marketplaces every morning with the extra hurdle that the disbursement times are not 24 hours from clicking the button but rather: from the time receiving the disbursement confirmation (e-mail or app) +24 hours, and eventhough we click the button on all marketplaces at 8-8:01AM the disbursements get confirmed anything from a few minutes to an hour creating discrepancies between marketplaces every single day. (They used to give you the time you last disbursed upto the minute making it a little bit easier but got rid of this information a few years ago for some reason…)

Amazon, THE company when it comes to automation…