Quick Tip: Monitor your account health


not necessarily you may not be at fault but can still address the problems for example if you have an authenticity complaint filed against you but you know your products are authentic well you then are technically not to blame but you can put this right quickly by submitting proper invoices for your goods and the complaint will go away


Imagine if seller support has an account health page to monitor, Ha ha Omg :thinking::man_shrugging::rofl:
Mine looks ok


This is an example of one the seller can resolve. As stated, I’m referring to ones the seller can’t - where you’re reliant on Seller Support to clean up a problem that Amazon themselves have created. Where your account metrics have been trashed because of Amazon’s misfiring bots and Seller Support are hopelessly inept.

I have no problem with sellers being judged on metrics based on their performance or on things within their control. I get irritated when policy violations are issued when no policy has been violated and SS mindlessly paste the same responses.

Being told as a ‘tip’ to monitor your account health is a little insulting when you can’t fix the issues that you didn’t create.


i agree with a lot of what you say but the example i gave was one which you are not at fault and dont need to improve your processes but is in your control to remedy

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