I still hate this Forum Format


Can anyone tell me if, or how, I can find a list of those threads to which I have contributed ?

I have no idea where to start.


If you click on your avatar then your profile > in “activity” it will show every post you have made and in which thread.


Agree, I find I’m either posting on the wrong thread, or not seeing all the posts due to the scrolling to get back to the top, can lead to misunderstandings :confused:


The old forum was more intuiteive in that respect.

You could tell at a glance which threads you’d read.

This forum is too busy, with lots of pointless gimmicky distractions.


Thanks for that. It works,
You see I have always tried to make sure my websites are intuitive and/or provide helpful pop-ups to tell you what a link does.
There is no helpful link when I place the cursor over my name - i.e. my profile link - it just says Thylvethter ! ! like it does when I hover over my Avatar. Amateurs, or college drop outs created this.

So I still don’t like it. Was hoping I could find 1 thing that is an improvement on the old site. I can’t. The only thing close, is even a bit of a negative, in that this one does NOT have the annoying re-order posts by random ‘helpful’ or “I hate You” awards ! Sorry, that’s the best compliment I can give this forum.


This forum seems to be dying on its feet.

Every visit here is like an expedition into unknown territory.

The robot nanny that admonishes us before we even post (‘20 characters limit’/‘did you mean to post that link’ etc etc) is just of many things making this forum a miserable experience.,


For any Website - 2 essentials - Speed & Simplicity - both of which these programmers forgot or they just couldn’t hack it.


Get over it guys, is this all you have to worry about?


I think this forum has become a less user friendly place and generally a more hostile and unfriendly environment. It’s just my opinion, and before you say it, many of the old posters who don’t seem to be here now had, shall I say, some unique views on selling or maybe we could call them issues.

Having said that I found the old forum much easier to use and many of the posts informative, accurate and more often than not helpful.

In the few times I posted on the old forum it was to seek help on a genuine question; many replies were spot on, and I do thank them. If I replied to a post to try to offer any practical advice due to my experiences, I really hope that it might have helped someone, but of course nobody knows it all!

I log in to the forum less often now, and when I do I find the tone and attitude of a lot of replies to the actual questions, are confrontational and unhelpful and on balance, if I was starting out, I don’t think I would bother with this new forum, that is unless I was desperate and even then I would have to trust that there are still a few good people out there who just want to help.


There’s another confusion. I cannot find anywhere a poster stated, or indicated they were ‘worried’ about this ! :rage:


Taken a little too literally maybe?


We’ve got posters offering to bake birthday cakes for another user on one thread and Mods joining in the fun on another thread,so can’t see how it’s more hostile now.


Like everything in life, things are what you make of them.

If you don’t want to like the ew forum, you won’t.


I’ve a lot of things to worry about, which is why I resent wasting time trying to figure what threads are worth looking at and/or respondng to.

I don’t know why exactly but there is something about the layout of this forum that makes it very difficult to gauge it at a glance. Maybe it’s just too busy (graphically speaking).

The old Prospero forum, even though it lacked lots of useful features was far easier to navigate.

Maybe it’s full of ‘pointless moans’, but it least this thread shows the forum is a long way from gaining a universal thumbs-up.


A little presumptuous and critical of you isn’t it. What makes you think some of us do not “want” to like this forum. I for one would love a forum which is a pleasure to roam, read and respond. This is not one no matter how much I want to love it. A bit like wanting a Bengal Tiger as a pet when all you have is a pig. It is still a pig no matter how much you want something else.


What a weird analogy.
Perhaps if your hypothetical pet owner called his pig “Bengal” it might make him feel a bit better about his pet.
In other words, make the best of what you have got.


Your point has merit - but is nothing to do with the remark made by Rugsy to which I was replying.
I happen to like Bengal Tigers and had recently visited a Zoo - I suppose that is where it came from.


Who said that all people had to moan about, besides you need to get over yourself first lol :man_shrugging:

This a forum to discuss (moan) about the layout. In many people’s estimation the layout is absolutely hideous. What did you expect to see when you visited, complimentary overtures? Nah, you just come to here to moan about the moaners?
The irony :smile::clown_face:


Hmmm, the forum just switched itself to German from English for me.
I was able to switch back but I’m not sure why or how it happened…


Why can’t I search the forums any longer - this format is useless